They consists of various cell surface structures cell wall plasma membrane many cytoplasmic inclusions and the bacterial chromosome nucleoid. It is a tough and rigid structure of peptidoglycan with accessory specific materials eg.

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Because of this cell wall bacteria can survive harshest environmental conditions like the drought heat chemical exposure pressure etc.

Bacterial cell diagram and functions. Structure of bacterial cell. More giant bacterial cells may be visible using a. Bacteria are all single celled.

Bacterial cell have simpler internal structure. It is the outer covering of protoplasm of bacterial cell. They were discovered by anton von leeuwenhoek in the year 1676.

It is a gel like matrix composed of water enzymes nutrients wastes. Kingdom bacteria is another group of prokaryotes other is archaea and bacterial cell structure and function differ from archaea. It lacks all membrane bound cell organelles such as mitochondria lysosome golgi endoplasmic reticulum chloroplast peroxisome glyoxysome and true vacuole.

Cytoplasm the cytoplasm or protoplasm of bacterial cells is where the functions for cell growth metabolism and replication are carried out. It is 10 25 nm in thickness. Bacteria is a prokaryotic cell.

The following points highlight the seven important components of bacterial cell. Bacterial cells prokaryotic cells are structurally much simpler than eukaryotic cells and the two cell types are compared in table 32. Lps teichoic acid etc surrounding the bacterium like a shell and lies external to the cytoplasmic membrane.

It is present just above the cell membrane and gives a specific shaped to the cell. Bacterial are unicellular prokaryotic organism. The bacterial cells are prokaryotic.

The bacteria cell wall is an important structure which is rigid and non living envelop around the cell. The bacterial cell wall is seen as the light staining region between the fibrils and the dark staining cell interior. Bacterial cell structure and function.

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It gives shape to the cell. Cell division in progress is indicated by the new septum formed between the two cells and by the indentation of the cell wall near the cell equator. The single circular double stranded chromosome is the bacterial genome.

Bacteria structure is extremely small microscopic and unicellular. It means they do not have a nucleus or any other fabrics which are surrounded by membranes. Their size varies between 1 to 5 microns in length but some of them are as big as 80 microns in length.

In gram negative bacteria the cell wall is thin and releases the dye readily when washed with an alcohol or acetone solution.

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